I’m away for a week pls don’t expect the usual clusterfuck of posts I usually reblog when I’m here i love y’all byyye



I finished packing in 30 minutes so yay me.

But the baby wanted to party until 3am instead of sleeping.

Nursing has become a nightmare because he’s teething and he fucking gnaws on my nipples (I no longer have TMI boundaries at this time of night).

He’s in a leap too and the only way to…

Theyre more like cinnamon bun shaped pizza bites now but they’re fucking delicious I hope u enjoy em

How come when I wear 3 layers of clothing (bra t shirt hoodie) with no deodorant I have absolutely no armpit sweat but as soon as I decide to wear a nice thing even if I don’t leave my room I could sweat a good whole tablespoon of sweat I am so fucking pissed god dammit


The Destiny Beta embargo for videos has been lifted. I will now post this. @GavinFree @GeoffLRamsey (x)


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the man of a thousand faces

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things girls look for in a guy

  • brown hair
  • muscles 
  • british
  • military record
  • works for roosterteeth
  • named dan

its dan the man

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Meet Pickles, aka “Catosaurus.” He was rescued in Boston and he’s over 3 feet long.

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Title: That...was...close!
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At which point the Fandom let out a collective, “Ohhhhh shit.”



Sexuality: Locus with the Incineration cannon


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